• 2015 Top 10 Hair Colour For Girls

    It’s already half past 2015 but what is the hottest trend for girls’ hair colour? Man, sometimes I’m so glad I’m a girl because we get longer hair, and we can have fanciest hairstyle.
    Note that the list is not in order:

    • Warm brown. One of the best colour you can ever have. This colour goes well with many hairstyles such as short bob hair or long hair with curls. This is also one of the most common hair colour you’ll find in the world. Asia countries, especially, love this hair colour as this is not too bold and is considered acceptable in traditional families. Nothing can go wrong with a nice brown hair colour! or you can give a go to hair salon in Essendon

    • Blue. This hair colour is daring, bold and striking. Make your hair colour as bright as your future! No harm trying right?

    • Red. Another daring colour but this is more commonly seen as compared to blue hair. Many celebrities dyed their hair red too and it looks amazing in any hair length.

    • Blonde. Who would have thought that blonde will actually be one of the most popular trends in 2015? But it is no lie. Blonde hair colours are common in western countries, and rarely seen in Asian countries except for celebrities. The chances of you finding a blonde woman in Asia’s subway trains are quite low.

    • Purple/Lilac. One of my favourite hair colours that I will never dare to try but hey, it appeared in the top 5! This hair colour goes best for straight long hair, but is pretty cool for short bob hair too.

    Getting a hair colour and whether it looks good on you will depend on your skin tone.

    If you’re afraid of getting your hair dyed in case it doesn’t suit you, you can consider using hair chalk that usually last until you shower. It’s cheap to invest in a small hair chalk and you’ll be able to test out the effects and whether it matches well with your skin tone. Alternatively, if you’re sure that you’ll love this colour, just head straight to the hair salon of your choice, good example of this is hair salon in Melbourne CBD!

    Even if your hair is too short and you wish to have a longer hair, it is possible for you to get hair extensions as well after dying it! Remember to get one that matches the dye colour unless you’re going for two-tone colour hair.

    Just one thing many people need to take note is that when dying your hair, it is undergoing chemical treatment and therefore it’s bad for your hair. It’s okay if you’re not dying it frequently. However, if you’re going for bright colours (blonde, bright red, purple etc) you will be required to bleach your hair unless your hair colour is naturally light. Bleaching your hair does a lot of damages to your hair too!

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