• Beautify Your Pretty Nails For A Stylish Look

    Whatever you choose to wear on in your special occasions or any invitations, you must know that nails are a very important part of your makeup. Single colored nail paint will give your nails a dull look. And dull nails will not bring that extra spark that you need to attract the attention of the crowd. On the other hand, beautifully painted nails will enhance the look of your outfit and add that style statement to your personality that it needs.

    To get pretty designed nails, you can visit any reputed nail salon at North Shore. Nails are very small canvas to show off the pretty designs and it is a task of perfection as well as good skill. So it is good to visit the nail art salons for the exclusive designs on your nails.

    Only the skilled professionals in any eyelash extensions in Auckland can give your hair the bright and elegant looks like the glam models and actresses. Various nail art salons are there in the cities where you can visit. So, go and get your designed nails and make everyone appreciate you. The artists for the nail designs there will give you whatever design you choose. And you don’t even have to spend huge amount of money for those pretty nails as they are easily affordable.

    Let’s look into some striking nail art designs which you would love to try at any cost.

    • The serial killer nail art: This design is just as bold as it sounds. Blood red is the best color to use for this nail art. In this process, the base coat is applied first. Now after it dries up, some thin strips of white tape are put on the nails. The blood red nail paint is put on your nails over the strips and the application is repeated twice. Gradually, the strips are removed one by one and you will get the red – white ribbon killer look. Such a design can only be done by the experienced professionals in the salons for nail art. With any party wear this nail art is applicable.
    • Nail art design with stripes: The professionals have various types of brushes and these brushes are used for the striped nail arts. You can choose more than four colors to have the stripes on your nails and your nails will be painted perfectly.
    • Sharp designs on your nails: With the combination of golden bronze and black nail paint or any other bright and sharp colors you choose such designs are painted. Whether it is an office party or any other, your party look is going to get a boost with these designs.

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