• The Pros And Cons Of Makeup

    Men, you might think that all the fancy decorations which ladies adorn their bodies with are pointless but we ladies know better, much better. To you it is just pampering and overindulgence – of course it is, you are men after all! – but any woman knows it is much more than pure vanity and masking insecurities as there are some serious positives when it comes to make up which only us women understand. But get us wrong there are negatives too, most of which we are all aware, but it is a delicate balance between getting the equilibrium just right so the next time you start whinging about how long it takes your other half to get ready remember this. Don’t believe us? Here are the pros and cons of makeup.

    It is always nice to have a positive outlook on life so let’s start with the positives, which are pretty various. The most obvious positive to mention is the self-esteem boost which makeup gives us women. Sometimes feeling as sexy as possible is difficult when you are having a bad hair day or feel as if your skin is dryer and lumpier than the Sahara desert but makeup can gloss over the crack in your self-confidence and make you feel ten time better – feeling good isn’t just a switch you can turn on and off. However it only works when it is done to perfection, like you fellas with your hair and the inevitable checks in the mirror whilst you dab and flick at it, all the while having no actual effect on the style whatsoever. Looking good is feeling good but sometimes it can take us women a bit longer to feel good. For more details of other types of products linked here that can suit to your styles.

    Not only is makeup a great way of feeling good it is also very easy to put on and maintain. This might seem like a joke to you guys but like we mentioned before putting makeup on isn’t the part which takes so long, it’s the getting it right which takes time. However, a lot of makeup decorations which adds to the whole look are quite simple. Nail polish is a great example because nail polish takes about five minutes to apply and about the same amount of time to dry so in ten minutes your significant other can have perfectly manicured hands. To gain more knowledge about the high class nail polish products click here.

    Like previously mentioned there are negatives to make up, which is why women can take a long time to get ready. The most significant problem with makeup is the affect it has on our skin as prolonged use isn’t very healthy. The basic problem is the fact that most makeup covers the skins and clogs it up so it can’t breathe. However it can be more dangerous than that as most cosmetics have potentially dangerous toxins which are very harmful if they get into the body.

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